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SG Digital delivers the largest variety of content available in the market, with over 2000 games currently live and active on the network. We deliver a fast, easy and reliable solution that is scalable to accommodate the needs of any operator.

Innovation Platform



SG Digital’s Innovation Platform is made up of carefully created services that allow ourselves, our customers and partners to innovate at speed on top of our industry-leading aggregation platform. We believe that true innovation can come from a range of sources both within and outside of the industry.

We are connecting this platform to a range of third party gamification and specialist marketing platforms. For us, innovation stretches from cutting-edge missions and leaderboards through to rapid response to regulatory requirements.

Our operators need to be able to build the best player experiences across all content, regardless of supplier. Our two-sided network approach means that our innovation platform service works for all content on the network, not just our in-house studio games.


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