Pillars of Asgard

Experience 1 MILLION WAYS TO WIN through our new Reel Rise Mechanic™.

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By design, Pillars of Asgard melds current trends and elevates slot design to a whole new level. The game provides an extremely volatile experience with very high winning potential. All of this has been packaged into a fresh yet recognisable theme.



Pillars of Asgard

How do we get to Asgard?

Asgard can be reached from Midgard, only over the Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge and here, at its foot rise the Pillars of Asgard, gateway to the Gods, and keeper of the Asgardians. Spinning to reveal a myriad of combinations, travellers to Asgard are met by the Pillars of Asgard, spinning as they have for millennia, revealing treasures and wins beyond imagination.

Why will players love this game?

Extreme volatility is the most obvious element that sets Pillars of Asgard apart from other titles in this genre. But in order to ensure that the game is approachable and attractive to casual & new players, we have focused a great deal on delivering really intuitive game mechanics. The simplicity and immediacy of the game mechanics is impressive.

We have also incorporated our Buy Pass™ feature. This popular variable-cost gamble mechanic lets a player trigger a Feature for as little investment as 10x total bet!


What comes first, game mechanic or theme and why?

Every game concept begins differently. At times, we come up with a really cool and intriguing game mechanic idea and then brainstorm themes that naturally fit or support the functionality. It also happens the other way around - where a really impactful, original or timely theme is the spark that we need to engineer the right game mechanics to compliment it. This flexible creative process is a very defining aspect of our studio team and definitely shines through in our games.

Who comes up with the ideas and where do you draw inspiration from?

Our product team is the main driver behind coming up with new game concepts but pitching an idea is open to everybody. We have an internal pitch-process that gives anyone with a great idea the opportunity to move through a green-light process. There are no bad ideas. It is just that some are better than others. You never know where that next BIG idea will come from. If the proposed concept makes it through the entire process, it is rewarded a place on our roadmap.

We provide rewards to our studios and teams when their big ideas go live and become successful in the marketplace. This stimulates further development of new concepts and fosters greater collaboration amongst our studios.

Having a truly open creative space to accommodate this pool of ideas is important. For example, we host Hackathon events. This is a fantastic venue for our people to come together and share their ideas and inspiration for new games, mechanics and work processes.

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