Pillars of Asgard

Experience 1 MILLION WAYS TO WIN through our new DynaReels™ Engine and Pillar Shift™ Mechanic.

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Experience an unprecedented 1 Million Ways to Win! This extremely volatile and ridiculously engrossing game offers massive win potential through the intuitive new DynaReels™ engine & Pillar Shift™ mechanic - all packaged in a gorgeous entertainment package. Pillars of Asgard really raises the bar!



Pillars of Asgard

How do we get to Asgard?

Asgard can be reached from Midgard, only over the Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge and here, at its foot rise the Pillars of Asgard, gateway to the Gods, and keeper of the Asgardians. Spinning to reveal a myriad of combinations, travellers to Asgard are met by the Pillars of Asgard, spinning as they have for millennia, revealing treasures and wins beyond imagination.

Why will players love this game?

Extreme volatility is the most obvious element that sets Pillars of Asgard apart from other titles in this genre. But in order to ensure that the game is approachable and attractive to casual & new players, we have focused a great deal on delivering really intuitive game mechanics. The simplicity and immediacy of the game mechanics is impressive.

We have also incorporated our Buy Pass™ feature. This popular variable-cost gamble mechanic lets a player trigger a Feature for as little investment as 10x total bet!


How have you helped to eliminate confusion & deliver a game that is approachable?

Pillars of Asgard is an Any-Ways game which can reach up to a 10x6 reel set in the bonus game, displaying over 60 possible symbols and representing 1 million ways to win. With this level of complexity, it is especially imperative that we eliminate any possible confusion about wins and simplify the experience so that the player can quickly and easily understand the game. This becomes even more imperative on smaller mobile devices versus larger desktop monitors. To respond to this challenge, we created Pillar Shift™, a new way to display wins on large reel arrays. In essence, the losing symbols are differentiated from the winning symbols – where only the winning symbols are displayed in colour. For the player, this drastically simplifies the experience and makes the Any-Ways win pattern and values obvious, regardless of what device or screen size they are engaged with.

Tell us about the new DynaReels™ Engine:

DynaReels™ is a new engine we developed to deliver a new dynamic reelset experience that really gets your heart pounding during the free games bonus. When players hit 3 or more scatters, they enter the bonus round. The reels (or pillars) increase in height, based on the number of scatters that are hit when the bonus is triggered. For example, 3 scatters increase the reels by 1x in height, 4 scatters by 2x, and so on… The higher the pillars, the greater the number of ways-to-win a player has on each spin and the greater chance they have at hitting the coveted 1 million ways. Each bonus round offers players an impressive 20 free games. With each scatter that hits during the bonus, that pillar (or reel) increases in height by 1 row. If each pillar in the DynaReels™ reaches 10 rows, the player is rewarded with 5 additional free games.

As each reel increases in height, so does the number of ways. In Megaways™ games, a player can receive anywhere between 1250-117K ways, so the player never really knows what they will get. With DynaReels™, the player is launched into the bonus with a minimum of 15,625 ways, and with each scatter, this increases all the way up to 1 million ways. This provides a greater chance on every single spin for the player to hit more substantial wins. When all 6 pillars reach the top and 5 more free spins are awarded, the statues on either side of the reelset collide to create a "floating wild reel" that awards a multiplier up to 10x on every winning spin for legendary wins. This game is so explosive that with a bet as little as $/£/SEK 10 can net an impressive $/£/SEK 250,0000.

What comes first, game mechanic or theme and why?

With Pillars of Asgard, the mechanic came first. We started by reviewing game concepts based on variations on the number of ways that could be mathematically achieved. Once we knew we had the number of possible ways, we looked at how we could possibly present it, and eventually arrived at the Pillars of Asgard theme. We knew that we needed a game name and theme that would stand out from the crowd. The story of Asgard and Norse legend, provided us with a really fun and rich visual playground. The combination of one million ways and a strong audio/ visual package has resulted in an extremely intriguing presentation that we expect players will love.

Who comes up with the ideas and where do you draw inspiration from?

Our product team is the main driver behind coming up with new game concepts but pitching an idea is open to everybody. We have an internal pitch-process that gives anyone with a great idea the opportunity to move through a green-light process. There are no bad ideas. It is just that some are better than others. You never know where that next BIG idea will come from. If the proposed concept makes it through the entire process, it is rewarded a place on our roadmap.

We provide rewards to our studios and teams when their big ideas go live and become successful in the marketplace. This stimulates further development of new concepts and fosters greater collaboration amongst our studios.

Having a truly open creative space to accommodate this pool of ideas is important. For example, we host Hackathon events. This is a fantastic venue for our people to come together and share their ideas and inspiration for new games, mechanics and work processes.

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