NYX Gaming Group ramps up investment in Greek development hub

NYX Gaming Group Limited is looking to hire a further fifty people for its development center in Greece.

A variety of vacancies are available at the Athens tech hub as we look to invest in new talent to drive further innovation in product development. This well established hub has contributed significantly to OpenBet's large global Sportsbook integration and implementation projects over the last five years.

Roles include front-end engineers, software architects, development managers and BI engineers across sportsbook, casino, lotteries and bingo.

Keith O'Loughlin, NYX Gaming Group Executive Vice President, Sportsbook, said: “We’re undergoing a major recruitment drive as part of our ambition to deliver the next iteration of our sportsbook platform. The hub already houses some of the industry’s leading engineers, and we’re looking to expand our operations by hiring the very best technical talent.”

“OpenBet has a global reputation and we’re constantly looking to enhance our offering to ensure our partners receive a highly flexible and scalable platform, capable of taking high volumes of bets at peak times.”

“This investment is just the latest stage in our efforts to bring innovation to the sports betting sector and drive the industry forward.”

For more information, please contact:

Tresilian Segal | VP Marketing, NYX Gaming Group Limited

Tresilian.segal@openbet.com +44 20 3249 8109


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