NYX Gaming Group Ltd supports Fryshuset’s reception of refugees transiting via Stockholm

Stockholm, 21 September 2015 – NYX Gaming Group (NYX) contributes urgent monetary support to Fryshuset’s humanitarian initiative, providing support to 500 refugees in transit last week.

To gain an understanding of Fryshuset’s work to support refugees transiting through Stockholm, NYX Event & Marketing Managers, Maria Nordqvist and Olga Göcmen visited with Lotta Lundberg, Head of Fundraising & Business Relations at Fryshuset.

Lundberg explained that the refugees originated from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and chose not to seek asylum in Sweden. Their stop was a temporarily one, before continuing their journey to other countries, including Norway and Finland. Fryshuset learned that many of the children and their families passing through Sweden had been sleeping outdoors and at the Central Station in Stockholm. They identified the urgent need for shelter and immediately took action.

The organization’s primary focus has been to provide families with children urgent care in the form of shelter, food, medical care and washrooms. Together with support from volunteers and other organizations, they helped to fulfill the most basic human needs for the refugees in transit.

Staffan Lindgren, Board of Directors for NYX Gaming Group, commented, “We are happy to be able to support the great work that Lotta Lundberg and her colleagues are doing in order to help the refugees”. He also supports a future collaboration with Fryshuset on the courses they offer related to Game Design. This initiative has a clear connection to NYX’s expertise within the gaming industry. Students at Fryshuset High School are provided with basic skills in the latest software, learn from inspiring teachers and have the opportunity to meet professionals in the gaming industry.

Fryshuset’s shelter for the refugees was only a temporary solution and their work ended this past weekend. Lotta Lundberg explained that they are speaking to officials and other organizations to come up with a longer term solution for the refugees in need.


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