So Long Analog Video
So you’ve been a Closed Circuit TV provider for years and have watched as surrounding
technologies have become better and better. We have seen DVR’s become more powerful, and
less expensive, but with the very best analog cameras using composite video, the picture quality
has just reached its limit.
You looked at an IP camera solution, but now you have to train all of your technicians to
be IT guys. Plus, the performance is still not worth the extra effort with tooling and training.
Most of us old timers in this industry have been looking for the next move, and although
2010 did not bring us our flying cars, we are upon a paradigm shift in the CCTV industry.
So if I can go to a national electronics store and buy a 1080i camcorder with a built in
zoom lens and hard disk for under $500, why am I stuck with low quality analog or complicated
IP video in CCTV? The answer is because of the available “signal transport’s” today. With all
analog video tied to a 525-line standard and most IP cameras leaving us all scratching our
heads…what else is there? How do I easily get that beautiful HD video signal from the camera to
my DVR?
The Good News:
What has happened over the last couple years is that a few ambitious manufacturers have
crossed the lines into the broadcast market and worked out the key components to allow us CCTV
guys to adopt an old broadcast standard.
High Definition Serial Digital Interface. HDSDI sends uncompressed 720p or 1080p
video at 30 frames per second over coax cable. You know that video camera that hovers over the
football field on game day with that really good picture….that’s HDSDI. So if you couple
HDSDI with the sudden availability of high definition camera components, you get an affordable
HD CCTV solution that installs using exactly the same steps as analog. That’s right, our CCTV
systems are now broadcast quality!
SG Digital has been working with integrators to bring this new CCTV format to market
and some of them are realizing great success. So far we have National Retailers, Quick Serve
Restaurants, Banks and Casinos doing system roll outs. All of them are realizing that the
performance and ease of use of HD CCTV is instantly becoming their new standard.
One of the keys to migrating to a new standard is to support the old. All of the HD
systems are offered as “Hybrid” DVR’s, allowing support for any combination of HD and analog
cameras. Some integrators have been finding that these types of packages are an easy up sell and
an easier retro fit.
As it turns out, the performance of HDSDI lends itself beautifully to casino gaming
tables. With an HDSDI based system, the video arrives at the DVR in a fully uncompressed 30
fps and allows for more conventional capture and storage than with IP. Our systems can easily
record and store full 1280 x 720 video at 30 frames per second on four cameras at once.
We see this HD technology as the immediate replacement for high-end analog CCTV
applications as the pricing is already just about 30 percent higher. There is already an HDCCTV
standard established, allowing all of the manufacturers to integrate products seamlessly.
There will always be a need for IP based systems due to installation requirements, but as
far as the traditional everyday systems, just like in consumer electronics, HD will soon become
the new standard.

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