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Finally…HD for Everyone

Finally HD for everyoneHD quality without replacing the coax. There is no network to set up, no bandwidth issues to deal with…just replace the existing analog cameras and DVR with HDcctv DVRs and cameras.... Read more here

High Definition CCTV Information

Today’s quality CCTV systems are still for the most part based on analog cameras, IP cameras
are being used for those needing better quality images or a network based system.
With all of the aggressive advertising we see today on “high resolution” analog cameras, we must
not forget that these cameras still send video via a coax cable to the DVR using a carrier defined
as NTSC, also know as 525/60.
NTSC only has 486 horizontal lines in its Active Area, a NTSC video signal also includes extra
vertical sync lines, which are basically just filler timed to allow the electron guns in a CRT
television time to reposition themselves at the top of the screen. There are 39 vertical sync lines,
resulting in a total of 525 lines (486 + 39).
Therefore if a camera can produce 1000 lines of resolution, and it is to be connected to a
recorder via coax or twisted pair using a conventional analog signal, the result resolution is 525.
In order to break the 525 barriers, there have been many attempts. The most successful to date
has been the use of IP cameras. IP cameras have little theoretical limit in resolution since it is
sending TCP/IP data packets instead of video. Problem is, of the dealers and integrators
interviewed, less than ten percent of the technicians can install an IP based system on their own.
And in most cases, new cable has to be installed. Add the fact that until recently, very few IP
camera and NVR products are interchangeable and you have a big reason to stay clear of the
So if you look at serious video, broadcast quality of 720p and 1080i, how are they doing it? In
most cases the signal is being transmitted using HDSDI. High Definition Serial Digital Interface.
HDSDI allows the broadcasters to send a high def real time signal from a sideline camera, across
the field and into the production trailer at a football game, using a single coax cable. This is a
proven method of transmission but has always been cost prohibitive for the CCTV market.
Until now.
GraphSG Digital and others have recently released True HD CCTV cameras using HDSDI signal format at prices only a little higher than conventional cameras and DVR’s. These systems allow the installer who knows analog to continue doing the same installation, but the video is now true high definition instead of NTSC.
So if the installation process does not change; manufacturing cost is similar to analog; the picture
quality is many times that of D1, hard drives prices are no longer an issue and capacities are
enormous….Read more here....

Affordably Upgrade CCTV to current standards

An average 48 camera grocery store CCTV system utilizes over 4 miles of coax cable. Cable of this type in an indoor environment will last for 20 years or more, so there should be no reason to re-wire a store unless locations are drastically moved. What most LPM’s don’t know is that if your store is wired with coax cable, you are already wired for High Definition CCTV. Read more here ....

HD CCTV Enters Mainstream

For the first time ever, a US governing body has issued certification on an HDSDI based CCTV system. High Definition Serial Digital Interface, or HDSDI is the video transmission standard utilized by the Broadcast Industry. One of the most attractive characteristics of CCTV systems based on the HD SDI standard is the ability to stream 30 fps in full HD to the DVR for recording. SG Digital presented the HD DVR / camera solution to an integrator who specializes in the smaller casinos in the Midwest. Based on the performance and playback quality, they were able to install a 4-camera system with each camera viewing one gaming table for a test / demo...Read More Here...


So Long Analog Video
So you’ve been a Closed Circuit TV provider for years and have watched as surrounding
technologies have become better and better. We have seen DVR’s become more powerful, and
less expensive, but with the very best analog cameras using composite video, the picture quality has just reached its limit. Read more here....

Comparing image formats
CIF 352 x 240 Typical DVR 4 CIF 702 x 480 High quality DVR

The image below was retrieved from an HDcctv DVR at a quick serve restaurant. This camera was recorded in 720p on the stores DVR. From this image, we can demonstrate the possibility of coverage of an entire front end with one camera. Read more here....


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