HD CCTV Enters Mainstream
By Randy Jones, President SG Digital
June 23, 2010

For the first time ever, a US governing body has issued certification on an HDSDI based CCTV system. High Definition Serial Digital Interface, or HDSDI is the video transmission standard utilized by the Broadcast Industry. One of the most attractive characteristics of CCTV systems based on the HD SDI standard is the ability to stream 30 fps in full HD to the DVR for recording. SG Digital presented the HD DVR / camera solution to an integrator who specializes in the smaller casinos in the Midwest. Based on the performance and playback quality, they were able to install a 4-camera system with each camera viewing one gaming table for a test / demo. When the casino viewed the captured video and realized they could easily determine a playing card, and see the dollar bill denominations on a six-foot wide table with one camera, they had to have it. After six months of testing and a few minor software upgrades, our product has received approval by the South Dakota Gaming Commission.

Items considered for this approval were:
    The system achieves a constant 30 fps per channel at 1280 x 720 resolution.
    The compression codec on the DVR allows for 10 days of storage on 2 TB’s.
    All video is watermarked and verified on export of clips or stills.
    Backups can be made as proprietary or AVI and easily viewed on any computer.
    Installation is identical to an analog system as the recording and capture process doesn’t touch the network.
    The SG Multi-Site client allows managing of multiple DVR’s on the local network.

Some key points about HD CCTV systems based on HDSDI
    - The technology allows any CCTV dealer to install a camera system with much higher performance than IP.
    - HDSDI uses the untapped characteristics of coax cable to send a 1.5 meg stream of uncompressed video to the DVR.
    - Due to ease of installation and superior performance, HD CCTV camera systems are beginning to establish a firm position as the
       best alternative for better quality video.

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