Affordably Upgrade CCTV to current standards

An average 48 camera grocery store CCTV system utilizes over 4 miles of coax cable. Cable of this type in an indoor environment will last for 20 years or more, so there should be no reason to re-wire a store unless locations are drastically moved. What most LPMís donít know is that if your store is wired with coax cable, you are already wired for High Definition CCTV.

With this years introduction to HDCCTV cameras, which can easily send full 1080P high definition video in real time over existing coax, a new state of the art camera system can be built piece by piece without the expense of a rewire.

The key is to begin spending the same repair dollars on new, modern equipment instead of maintaining the obsolete products.


Many companies are pulling out their existing

Coax cable and rewiring with CAT6 with the idea of

moving to video on twisted pair or IP cameras.


Coax cable can carry a much higher bandwidth

than CAT6 and can easily support High Definition

CCTV cameras.

Don't Waste That Coax PDF

Donít waste that coax!

It now supports HD!